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iranian persian dates fruit Most of the farms are located bam city in kerman area of iran. These farms produce dates fruit for eating.

Our business is in Dates fruit sorting, Dates fruit packing, Dates fruit trading, Dates fruit wholesaling and Dates fruit exporting. We export Iranian organic pure wet black Bam Rotab Mazafati dates or kurma to Worldwide. Individual Services Delivery of singlegarden Date palms to your premises Individual Dates packing and branding, cleaned and dustfree Creative sorting to match our customers’ requirements regarding taste, appearance style, volume, and cost reduction Original Dates from the city of Bam city in Iran. Export and transit /”Just In Time” delivery all around the world. - Packing varieties, e.g. inner carton pack, Master carton pack. 700-750gr packing, 5kg and 10kg packing or one-way pallets, stretch wrapping, individual choices. Our Quality System Consistent quality and”safe Dates” are the result of more than 94 years of Sayadizadeh's family Dates trade, export and wholesaling experience in combination with continuous development of quality systems: - Permanent contact to producers and suppliers - Highly experienced personnel's - Competent buying - Analytical testing of raw material concerning pesticide, heavy metal, bulk volume, mesh sizes etc. - Regular supply chain controls laboratory controls executed by our contract laboratories accredited under EN 45001 "Safe-DATES" Our Quality Management and HACCP concept have been established in cooperation with major suppliers according to our customers’ requirements. All our Dates, regardless of whether they are delivered as originals or further processed in our chilled warehouses, are under our strict quality control that generally exceeds the American and European Food Regulation standards. We have numerous connections with the origin and, therefore, can deliver large supplies (i.e. full containers) direct from the source to the customer. In addition, in our chilled warehouse constantly have a diverse range of Dates on stock, between 500–2000 Metric tons of Dates from all key production regions and fruit grades. We guarantee continuous homogenous quality standards and offer our customers prompt delivery and distribution direct from the chilled warehouse. The packaging we offer are: 700-750 gr inner cartons, 5kg bulk master carton and 10kg bulk master carton . Partner-oriented services, primarily consulting, are of special significance in our company. Our customers can benefit from our experience; we support you with the following services, for example: - Delivery of single-garden Dates to you premises - Consulting in selecting Dates and compiling blends, also with further ingredients - Export, transport, organization and document handling - Quality testing - Pollutant/residue analyses by accredited special laboratories - Compiling Quality from Organic natural wet Bam Mazafati Dates and other Iranian Dates - Cleaning and homogenizing - Logistic services - "Just-in-time" delivery - Packaging: inner carton, master cartons, individual packaging of 450gr -10 kg - Consignment chilled warehouses

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